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The Benefits of Membership

AIAC members adhere to the highest professional standards. Our objective is to improve the practices of all members by sharing information and expertise within the industry on a consistent basis. 

  • AIAC members have the benefit of association workshops that explore industry issues
  • With membership comes the benefit of a strong executive that puts members’ concerns front and centre in discussions with government and industry

  • Membership means a stronger voice on those issues that matter to you

The real advantage of membership is understanding how government and industry decisions affect you, and knowing that the AIAC is representing your interests.

The AIAC ensures that its members are well informed of government decisions and industry developments that may affect them. While the focus of the AIAC is primarily Ontario, the association is pleased to work with the provincial governments across Canada, providing input and expertise on proposed regulatory changes that affect our members.  


AIAC represents the leading independent assessment centres in Ontario.

They are:


To join AIAC please contact a member of the executive at