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Who We Are


The Association of Independent Assessment Centres (AIAC) was formed in 2002. The AIAC is a non profit industry group representing independent businesses, and thousands of health-care professionals who perform medical assessments across Canada. AIAC members perform up to 50,000 neutral, third party examinations of auto and disability insurance claimants each year to determine their entitlement to benefits.

Through AIAC, independent businesses jointly adopt the highest standards of service and develop broad industry guidelines to bring consistency, transparency and fairness to the auto insurance industry. The AIAC also serves clients outside of the auto insurance industry, including corporations, pension funds and the legal community.



  • To provide equal access to high quality independent assessments.
  • To maintain neutrality and transparency in the assessment process.
  • To promote compliance with the highest standards of practice.
  • To present expert input into regulatory reform processes.
  • To minimize unnecessary costs and delays for all parties involved.