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What We Do

AIAC members perform neutral, third-party medical assessments of illness, injuries and treatment plans that result from auto, injury, and disability insurance claims.

The assessment process is governed, in part, by the Statutory Accidents Benefits Schedule (SABS) regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. When auto insurance companies request an assessment, it is referred to as a Section 45 exam or an Insurer’s Examination.

The Insurer’s Examination is an objective assessment that is required by an insurer when people experience an injury as a result of an auto accident. After a claimant submits documentation of injury and a treatment plan from their physician, the insurance company may request that an independent health center review the physician’s recommendations. AIAC members are completely independent of insurance companies, claimants and treatment centers. Keeping the assessment separate from an undue treatment bias is an essential principal for our members.

As an industry association, AIAC creates industry standards through its extensive assessment center guidelines. These standards help ensure AIAC members are able to provide Ontarians and insurance companies with access to high-quality assessments. AIAC also develops and pursues regulatory changes that will improve the efficiency and quality of the insurance claims process. This important work helps ensure insurance costs are contained by minimizing the expenditure of unnecessary time and resources in the claim settlement process.